A Boeing 757 loses a wheel before takeoff from Atlanta

A Boeing 757 loses a wheel before takeoff from Atlanta

None of the 184 passengers on this Delta Airlines flight bound for Bogota, Colombia were injured.

According to the American Civil Aviation Authority (FAA), the front wheel of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 came off as the plane lined up for takeoff from Atlanta International Airport last weekend.

Neither the 184 passengers nor any of the six crew members of that plane en route to Bogota, Colombia, were injured, according to a preliminary incident report filed by the FAA on Monday.

According to the report, the plane was waiting to take off when “the nose wheel came loose and rolled downward.”

Boeing has not yet commented on this new incident. If we refer to the Airfleets.net website, we learn that this Delta aircraft is 32 years old. The incident could therefore be a maintenance issue rather than a design issue.

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Which is not the case with the 737 MAX. Recall that the FAA has requested the shutdown of numerous American airlines for inspection of 171 Boeing 737 Max aircraft after an incident occurred on a brand new Alaska Airlines aircraft in which a part of the fuselage broke in mid-flight solved.

Another recent incident, last week, a Boeing 747 The American airline Atlas Air's cargo ship had to make an emergency landing late in Miami (southeast USA) after a problem occurred with one of its engines shortly after take-off.

In an incident report posted on its website, it said that a post-theft inspection discovered a “softball-sized hole above engine number 2.”

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