Laurentians A pedestrian was seriously injured after being hit

A bullet-riddled home in Lorraine, two men arrested in Laval

Two Ontarians in their 20s were arrested Saturday after a police chase was sparked after shots were fired at a residence in Lorraine, in the Laurentians. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has launched an investigation.

Published at 9:30 am.


The first events occurred around 1:15 a.m. on the night of Friday to Saturday when two men shot at a house on the Côte de Moselle. According to our information, at least half a dozen shots were fired, causing a shock wave in a rather quiet residential area.

It was the police officers from the Régie intermunicipale de Police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB) who were first on the scene. By the time they arrived, the shooters had already fled. Therefore, the help of several neighboring police forces was requested to find her.

Laval Police Service (SPL) patrol officers eventually spotted the two suspects on Chomedey Boulevard. After stopping the vehicle, the two fled on foot, hoping to elude police.

A chase then began in which the two men were eventually caught by the police and arrested, primarily with the help of a dog handler.

The arrested suspects are 25 and 27 years old, respectively, and live in Ontario, the Sûreté du Québec said on Saturday. Her vehicle was also reported stolen in Ontario. They are expected to appear later Saturday and face multiple charges.

The SQ Major Crimes Unit will be leading this investigation. An assessment is carried out in particular on a firearm that was found between the bullet-riddled apartment and the place of arrest, as well as on the vehicle used by the suspects.

There were no injuries at the event. According to our sources, there is a debt issue at the root of the affair.

With Daniel Renaud, La Presse