A cinematic trailer recommended systems and soon a demo for

A cinematic trailer, recommended systems and soon a demo for Layers of Fear – NoFrag – NoFrag

Even if “Layers of Fear” has forgotten the last “s” at the bottom of the stairs since February, he still remembers that the release date is getting closer because the marketing machine has suddenly gone into overdrive. First, a theatrical trailer shows us the arrival of a human on an island, until he enters a somewhat enchanted lighthouse. As a reminder, this new work is a graphic remaster with Unreal Engine 5 of Layers of Fear (2016) and Layers of Fear 2, horror games quite successful from the outset, combined and embellished with small additions.

Then we will be presented with the recommended systems to run the game. Hardware with which you can easily maintain a comfortable temperature in your office while waiting for sunny days. We let you read, we are not your nanny:

Finally, Bloober Team provides us with a demo that will be available from May 15th. We even have the right to a 15 second teaser, what luck!

If you want to learn less, you can head over to the Steam blog post, which presents exactly the same items, but in a different order and without our in-depth analysis.

They also don’t state that the game is scheduled for release in June 2023 unless you click on the game’s Steam page. There it says. It will also be available on GoG by the way, but they don’t want to know that either!