A collector lies about the price of a vehicle he

A collector lies about the price of a vehicle he has imported

A former Lotto Max winner tried unsuccessfully to underestimate the price of his US-bought classic car when importing it to Canada.

The man, originally from the Toronto area, imported a red 1969 Chevrolet Camaro in perfect condition between Michigan, US, and the Sarnia, Ontario area, the London Free Press reported.

Timothy Schell told Canadian Border Services he paid $70,000 (C$93,520) for the car. An investigation eventually revealed that the winner of the Lotto Max lottery actually paid $126,000 (CAD$168,426).

“By the time the officer finished inspecting the car, he knew there was a good chance the declared value was incorrect,” said US Attorney Brian Higgins. Everything on the vehicle looked like new.

Schell already owned 19 1969 Camaros. To prove his claim, the millionaire collector showed a transfer of $70,000 (CAD$93,520), but the officer eventually spotted two more transfers within a few weeks, of $30,000 (CAD$40,000) and $26,000 (C$35,000).

“The reality is that it’s not worth being sneaky at the border about an import like this,” Judge Mark Poland said. If you decide to take the risk of using border services and you fail, then you will pay for it, and you will pay dearly.”

He was arrested and put in a cell at the border, then released with a promise to appear.