A confirmed Season 2 for Get Me Out of Here

A confirmed Season 2 for Get Me Out of Here! : The public submits their ideas for the next campers – Showbizz.net

TVA and Productions Déferlantes have announced excellent news: the Sortez-moi d’ici program! will be back for a second season next year.

Viewers were delighted with the news and have already entered the names of Quebec figures they would like to see take part in this colossal jungle challenge.

Here are the top 20 people:

  • Christine Morency
  • Alex Peron
  • Jean Francois Baril
  • Gino Chouinard
  • Jean Michel Anttil
  • Alexandre Despatie
  • Mylene St Sauveur
  • Frederic Millaire-Zouvi
  • Michael Charett
  • Pier Luc Funk
  • Marc Dupre
  • Stephane Rousseau
  • Dominic package
  • Jose Gaudet
  • Sebastian Benoit
  • Sophie Thibaut
  • Annie Soleil Proteau
  • Stephane Turcot
  • Kim Russk
  • Eva Cote

There are names in this list that would be very surprising if they took on this type of challenge, but also others that are possible, such as Alexandre Despatie, who took part in the final season of Big Brother Celebrities, Mylène Saint-saviour hat or Jean-Michel Anctil.

As of now, Season 1 is in full swing and only two campers have been eliminated. We also spoke to Nathalie Simard last week, who told us about her breakdown earlier in the season. Read everything here.