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A dying man first watches Dune II on Denis Villeneuve's computer

A Saguenay man had the opportunity to watch the popular film first at the end of his life Dune II before he died while listening privately directly on producer Denis Villeneuve's laptop.

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This unlikely and touching story was told by Josée Gagnon, an actress and therapist who supports patients at the end of life.

On her Facebook page, the woman said she had examined all options to get the man to Montreal for palliative care, but the patient's condition did not allow him to travel.

At that moment, the impossible happened: “Denis Villeneuve’s assistant arrived on the plane with the laptop on a Tuesday morning […] “We handed over our cell phones, signed releases, closed the curtains, then the dying man could watch Dune II alone with a friend who was in charge of the house,” we can read.

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Ms. Gagnon adds that immediately after the viewing, the assistant took back her tears and her laptop and immediately left by plane, “with a heart full of this story.”

The heartfelt story was shared and liked by thousands of people on social media, including members of the team at the Saguenay palliative care home where the man died.

Nothing to lose

When she took steps to give her film-loving patient the opportunity to see the Quebec producer's work before it was released, Josée Gagnon didn't really believe it, but said to herself, “Why not?” What do I have to lose?”

So the Good Samaritan got to work using social media to connect with one of the most popular men in the film industry today. The journey was arduous, but once the story reached Denis Villeneuve, the rest was magical.

“This man’s last wish touched her deeply. They told me: “We make films especially for him.”

At first, Ms. Gagnon wanted Denis Villeneuve to send her a short video of welcome and encouragement, but ultimately the patient, who died long before the film's release, was entitled to the most beautiful gift according to his final wishes.