A fantastic lake hovers over the sea where to admire

A fantastic lake hovers over the sea: where to admire it SoloFinanza


Let’s find out where exactly this piece of paradise is located, which can attract visitors from different parts of the world, and what are its peculiarities

The World There are plenty of amazing places to rub your eyes at. Some are so shocking they almost don’t seem real. But they do exist, and often they are not that far away. What we are about to “explore” is so absurd that it seems to contradict all the laws of physics.

It is a lake of over three square kilometers that seem to float aboveocean. An almost magical scenario that over the years has become a real postcard. But is it precisely located?

Sorvagsvatn Lake – the features of this natural masterpiece

Renamed to Lake of Sorvagsvatn is the greatest gift in the great and the untouched Faroe IslandsArchipelago of Northern Europe is in the middle in between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. In reality, however, they do not belong to any of these three territories, but are part of the Kingdom of Denmark although there is an autonomous government.

In total There are 18 islands and suits by volcanic origin. They are popular with those who prefer nature travel but are still relatively unexplored and for that reason ‘hidden’ from mass tourism. What’s more, man hasn’t done too much damage, at least for the time being, to the territory mostly shaped by himvolcanic activity and glaciers. Typical are the cliffs, which are very rocky.

return to Sorvagsvatn lake As can be seen in the picture below, it is about 40 meters above the Sea level. The only socket there isocean it is majestic Bosdalafossur waterfall. Fortunately, the emptying is only partial, since the lake manages to keep a large part of the water reserves.

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You have to go there to indulge yourself in contemplating this breathtaking spectacleVagar Island the westernmost ofarchipelago with an area of ​​176 km² and about 3,000 inhabitants. In total, about 50,000 privileged people live on these islands, while the highest point is almost 900 meters above sea level.

The only sore point is this climate. Basically it is subpolar oceanic and is influenced by the North Atlantic Current. This means that the winters are quite severe and the wind waves are continuous and freezing cold to say the least. For this reason, the choice of the travel period is fundamental. For those who come fromSouthern Europe Being used to a Mediterranean climate, certain temperatures are difficult to endure.

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