A fortune Exclusion of Carlos Zambrano vs Libertad pays

A fortune! Exclusion of Carlos Zambrano vs Libertad pays exorbitant fee at betting house

A fortune Exclusion of Carlos Zambrano vs Libertad pays

Alianza Lima need a win against Libertad tonight not only to earn their first 3 points in Group G of the 2023 Copa Libertadores, but also with the goal of ending the 30-game winless streak in this international tournament. In search of this, those led by Guillermo Salas must defend their goal well and therefore must not concede goals. From there, look for the victory objective. Although the central defense will do everything to avoid the fall of their goal, they run the risk of being sent off.

Lima Alliance vs. Freedom, LINK HERE

  • Lima Alliance vs Libertad via ESPN and Star plus for the 2023 Copa Libertadores
  • Where to Watch Alianza Lima vs Freedom LIVE for Copa Libertadores 2023?

Exactly, one of the most spirited footballers and prone to red cards is the Peruvian team Carlos Zambrano, who has seen the Reds more than once in the various teams he has gone through, such as Boca Juniors, Eintracht Frankfurt, and others. Faced with this situation, a bookmaker started an action with the ‘Emperor’.

How much does a sacking of Carlos Zambrano cost?

It turns out that Inkabet pays up to 13 times more than bets when Carlo Zambrano He is disqualified as a starter in the match. A similar situation occurs at Coolbet, a bookmaker, where they pay 2.48 for a card against ‘León, although it doesn’t state if it’s red or yellow.

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Lima Alliance vs Freedom: Bets and Predictions

The main betting shops in Peru name Paraguay’s Libertad as favorites to beat Alianza Lima. Check the game odds:

  • I’ll bet you: Libertad wins (1.44); draw (4.57); Alianza Lima wins (7.20)
  • Doradobet: Libertad wins (1.48); draw (4.33); Alianza Lima wins (7.50)
  • Draw: Freedom won (1.50); Tie (4.40); Alliance Lima win (6.75)
  • Betsson: Libertad wins (1.46); draw (4.35); Alianza Lima wins (6.20).

When does Alianza Lima vs. Freedom play?

The duel betweenLima Alliance vs. FreedomfromConmebol Libertadores CupIt will take place this Thursday, April 20th at 21:00 (Peruvian time).