1707322835 A fund created to ensure the protection of the natural

A fund created to ensure the protection of the natural environment

Aware of the importance of their responsibility towards the natural environment in their territory, Quebec outfitters have decided to equip themselves with an important tool: a fund for the protection of the natural environment in outfitters.

“The idea of ​​creating a fund is a way for the network of equipment suppliers to obtain the means to cope with the sometimes difficult coexistence with certain sectors that share the same territories,” explains the President and General Director of the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec, Dominic Dugré.

Since the outfitters are located on public land, they often have to share the area, especially with the forestry industry.

“There are more than 500 outfitters in Quebec, the vast majority on public land. What people are looking for is a hunting experience, a fishing experience and most importantly a wilderness experience. For us, the focus of our product is a healthy environment, mature forests and protection for a diverse wildlife. We are aware that the equipment supplier is economically alongside the forestry industry like David against Goliath,” emphasizes Dominic Dugré.

“We as a Federation have been doing everything we can to protect the territories for more than 20 years, but I have to admit that it is a daily war. We manage to protect part of the territory as best we can, but we cannot go as far as we want. »


The association is examining various ideas for forest management.

“Yes, we have ideas for forest management on the equipment areas, but we are having difficulty implementing them. That's why we want to equip ourselves with the means to speak to the forestry industry and the government on an equal footing. »

Beyond the main principles of the discussion, there is also the issue of protecting wildlife habitats.

“All these measures are in line with the principle of protecting wildlife habitats, whether for terrestrial or aquatic animals,” continues Mr. Dugré.

Climate change also plays a role. “It is a reality that is there. Therefore, the first step is to protect what is still there and make improvements, such as protecting spawning grounds. We also want to show the public the role that outfitters play as guardians of territories. »

Outfitters has been around for more than 100 years, recalls the president and CEO of the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec.

“Every manager protects his territory because he wants to stay there as long as possible. They especially don't want their businesses to disappear due to the lack of wildlife and a healthy environment. For this reason, part of the funds is allocated to communication. In addition, we would like to support the acquisition of knowledge and award scholarships to students who want to enter the world of equipment. Even if, for example, forestry companies stop their work for two weeks during the elk hunt, that is good at the time, but they will work the other 50 weeks of the year. »

In order to succeed in collecting as much money as possible in this fund, the outfitters count on the help of their customers, among other things.

More than half a million customers visit Quebec outfitters' territories.

“Around twenty suppliers have already decided to participate in the fund. Visitors can make a donation when booking. “It is also possible for everyone to visit the website pourvoiries.com/faire-un-don and take part in the adventure,” continues the CEO.


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In addition to quality fishing and hunting, several outfitters, such as Aventure Nature Okane, offer facilities for the entire family. Photo provided by Karl Tremblay

The amounts received will be used directly to support the Fund and its various components.

The CEO also wanted to send a very specific message regarding the forestry industry.

“This program is not intended to stop forestry. We just want the players in this sector to take into account the realities of the equipment. These are small territories. Outfitters represent a tenth of the ZEC territory, a fiftieth of the game reserves. It's really small, the area of ​​equipment suppliers with exclusive rights in Quebec. For this reason, we want to have a forest management plan for each equipment area. In these areas everything is connected to the forest, the rivers, the lakes and much more. »

This fund will therefore enable outfitters to develop tools to ensure the sustainability of the species for hunting and fishing.

This allows amateurs who travel to these areas to have the experiences they are looking for for many years to come.