A great meeting Mister Barriga appears alongside Paola Bracho from

A great meeting! Mister. Barriga appears alongside Paola Bracho from ‘A Usurpadora’ on Instagram Online Séries

The usurper actress

Photo Playback/Instagram/@varedg

The actress Gabriela Spanic was quite successful in interpreting the characters’ roles Paula Bracho and PAulina Martin in the Mexican telenovelaThe usurper“.

The Venezuelanborn star is currently 49 years old. Gabriela expressed her desire to become an actress early on and took courses in theater and cinema.

Through his official Instagram profile, actor Edgar Vivar known for Mr. Barriga in the series “Chaves” appeared alongside Spanic.

“Nice night, beautiful woman, but an even better man. Thanks Gaby Spanic,” the actor wrote in the caption.

Watch the meeting:

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In the comments, fans celebrated the clash between the two giants of Mexican television.

“Two living legends of world television,” said one follower

“You are very important to me,” said another.

“Two icons of our childhood,” said another fan.

Edgar was born in Mexico City and is currently 74 years old. He made history when he joined the cast of Roberto Gómez Bolaños in “Chaves” in the role of the mansion’s owner.

Mister. Barriga always showed up to collect rent from his tenants. Seu Madruga owed 14 months’ rent, but although he could not meet his obligation, Nhonho’s father did not evict him, knowing that he and his daughter Chiquinha had no place to stay.