A hit for 26 years Titanic rises from on Sunday

A hit for 26 years, Titanic rises from on Sunday, second only to Fantástico TV

A box office phenomenon since its worldwide release in December 1997, Titanic remains an unsinkable phenomenon 26 years later. On Sunday (7), Globo scheduled the super production, which won 11 Oscars, for an afternoon screening and did well: the film was the second most watched program on Brazilian television that day.

According to Kantar Ibope, obtained from TV news According to market sources, Titanic scored an average of 15.2 points in the greater São Paulo area. It lost only to Fantástico, which scored 16.4 points in an edition that boomed with the announcement of the possible participants of BBB 24's Puxadinho.

The film about the ship that sank on its maiden voyage even surpassed Dominingão com Huck, which achieved 14.3 points in its premiere of the year. It also beat Rise of the Planet (2011), which was much newer but didn't wow audiences as much, scoring 11.3.

Check out the audience for Globo, Record, SBT and Band in Greater São Paulo on Sunday January 7th:

Globo's average audience on July 1, 2024 (7:00 a.m./12:00 a.m.): 12.2
Globo programsCourt hearing
Antenna Paulista4.5
Small businesses, big businesses6.9
Rural globe9.5
Spectacular sport7.8
Maximum Temperature: Planet of the Apes: Advance11.3
Box office hit: Titanic15.2
Sunday with Huck14.3
Big Sunday: John Wick A New Day to Kill9.1
Movie: Hurricane, the hurricane5.4
Hour 14.5
Average viewership of the recording on January 7th, 2024 (7:00 a.m./12:00 a.m.): 3.7
Record programsCourt hearing
Take in children2.7
Cine Maior: Passengers3.3
Faro time3.2
Spectacular Sunday7.9
Record camera4.3
Chicago PD2.4
Average SBT audience on July 1, 2024 (7:00 a.m./12:00 a.m.): 4.6
SBT programsCourt hearing
Newspaper of the week1.6
walking on the street1.4
SBT Sports1.1
Impressive news1.8
Breast Prize Show2.5
Tele Sena2.7
Beautiful Sunday5.7
Roda a Roda Jequiti6.3
Silvio Santos program6.4
Law and disorder2.6
SBT News on TV1.3
Average band audience on July 1, 2024 (7:00 a.m./12:00 a.m.): 1.2
Band programsCourt hearing
Band kids0.4
Health and you0.4
Band kids0.3
Hiper Cap: Alto Tietê and region0.4
Hiper Cap: ABC and region0.5
Band sports0.5
Live happiness0.7
Sports show1.1
Wild soul1.3
Sunday in the cinema: Blade Runner 20491.8
Perrengue in the band2.3
Final whistle1.1
Free channel0.5
battle line0.6
Special Session: The Perfect Revenge0.6
First newspaper0.4

Source: Broadcasters
Each point corresponds to 76,953 households in the SP metropolitan area