A hotel worker is caught in Jose Loretos room and

A hotel worker is caught in José Loreto’s room and an intense night ends with the dismissal. Understand! purepeople.com.br

The actor Jose Loreto revealed last week after ending his relationship with Rafa Kalimann, who reportedly even had a Globo actress as his linchpin. Now her intimate life has once again become a topic in the tabloids after columnist Leo Dias debunked a intense story with a hotel receptionist.

José Loreto, who currently stars in the soap opera “Vai na Fé”, recorded the feature film “A Cerca” in 2020 and during a trip to Cambará do Sul in RS for a shoot, the actor stayed at a famous hotel in the city. It turned out that the actor’s interest in the establishment’s employee was immediate upon arrival.

According to the columnist, they both shamelessly flirted at the hotel reception, and on his last day at the hotel, the actor invited the receptionist to pay him a visit in his room. As soon as she got to work, the clerk would have gone straight upstairs to the bedroom, where she had a hot night with the Globo star.

The plan went awry when they fell asleep and woke up the next day. The evidence would have come from the surveillance cameras, where those responsible caught the receptionist pacing in and out of the actor’s room. The result was the immediate dismissal of the employee.

According to the columnist, José Loreto never set foot in the city again and the case is well known there.

Who is the alleged lynchpin of José Loreto and Rafa Kalimann’s split?

Also according to columnist Leo Dias, the supposed lynchpin of José Loreto and Rafa Kalimann’s split has a first name, a surname and has already traded with the boy: Bella Campos, who gained widespread popularity on the small screen as Muda/Rute in the ‘ Pantanal’ last year.

Having already had an affair with the actor in the past, the friendship between Bella and José Rafa would trouble Kalimann, who would not be satisfied with the closeness between the actors who also appear in “Vai na Fé”. .

The columnist also stated that the reason the artists split up was a photo of José Loreto with Bella Campos, which you can view here.