A look back at the big new features of Odoo

A look back at the big new features of Odoo 17 – GoodTech Info

The open source application has become an integral part of the world of companies and associations. Odoo version 17, launched at the end of 2023, is dizzying: 20,000 contributors and more than 5 million users. Summary of important new features.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a Suite of open source applications covering all business needs : CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, management, website, marketing.

The solution is available free of charge (community version) or hosted. The first application is free. If you need additional applications, the cost is €19.90 per month.

Odoo 17: What's new?

Odoo has been completely redesigned. Leave purple, the design will now be a bit cleaner and more intuitive. The main goal wasImprove the overall user experience and provide a more attractive user interface : it has been possible. And intuitive. For example, the keyboard shortcuts for confirm (ALT/CMD+Q) or cancel (ALT/CMD+X) have been made more consistent across all applications.

The point of sale app has undergone big changes this year. Customers can now Order and pay by scanning QR codes with their phone or through a self-service kiosk. The new Kitchen Display app is designed for kitchen staff to help them process every order as efficiently as possible. Menu customization is now much easier.

AI, the new must-have, has found its way into Odoo. ChatGPT (for now) allows you to generate improved variations of your texts in all our applications. If you feel completely stuck, all you need is a good prompt to generate the text from scratch.

Images in WebP format land by default on websites that use the Odoo CMS. Compared to traditional formats like JPEG and PNG, WebP images are much more compressed, resulting in faster page load times, a better visitor experience, and even better SEO rankings.

WhatsApp has been integrated into Odoo : Send order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, payment links, receipts, event or ticket reminders, or personalized messages from the Contacts view. All of this is now possible.

It's not always easy to find your way among Odoo's 70 applications. A new “Industry” module. allows you to choose your area of ​​activity in the library. A selection of related apps are automatically installed and pre-configured with activity feeds and demo data for your industry. This includes an automatically generated website with appropriate templates and text, a selection of demo products from your catalog, custom templates or preconfigured appointment types.

All of the new features of Odoo 17 can be found on the website in the documentation section.

Download Odoo

You can Download Odoo for Windows and Linux systems (Ubuntu/Debian, RedHat/Fedora and sources) from this page.

THE Installation instructions are current, both for Odoo Community and for Enterprise. https://www.odoo.com/documentation/17.0/administration/install.html

Open source publishing from Odoo is the Odoo Community. To follow development, this is done on Github.

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