A man who reportedly fell from a boat near the

A man who reportedly fell from a boat near the Florida Keys is found dead

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, in Floridareported that they found dead to a man reportedly fallen from a Shipaccording to local media

The victim was found near Stock Island last Friday night, authorities told news channel Local10 this Saturday.

Spokeswoman Adam Linhardt also noted that around 7:30 p.m., officers were responding to reports that a man had fallen overboard from a boat and could not be found.

Linhardt said the victim was found dead by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Key Haven boat ramp by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission agents.

The search was being accompanied by the Key West Police Department, the spokeswoman said.

Autopsy results are still pending, but investigators believe he was not the victim of a crime.

The identity of this deceased person has not yet been released. His relatives were also not informed about his death, said Linhardt.

New A mother and her son escaped drowningafter her car hit the water in Miami.

The incident occurred in front of the 21 Biscayne condominium building at 2121 North Bayshore Drive.

No one was hurt when the woman lost control of the vehicle and she and her son escaped unharmed.

A maintenance worker jumped in to help the two out of the water in Biscayne Bay.

Such events are reported in Florida from time to time. In January 2022, a family whose vehicle fell into a canal in Miami-Dade County She was safely rescued after a complicated operation by firefighters and police with the help of witnesses to the incident who called for emergencies.

“Suddenly a car came west, we went east, it started to move, it seemed like it was coming towards us, but suddenly it turned three times, fell into the stagnant canal, and then fell backwards,” reported a witness.

The woman explained that after what happened, her son got out of the car and ran to try to help the family, which consisted of a couple and two minors, while she called 911 with an airbag and everyone tried to raise it head to breathe out of the water,” he said.

In September 2021, Julio Guardado, a 70-year-old Cuban, got a terrible scare early in the morning he crashed his truck into his neighbor’s poolafter a mishap. The incident happened at 74th Avenue and 5th Street in northwest Miami-Dade.