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A real hit

When one could no longer speculate about Prince Enrique’s written relief, pop princess Shakira arrives with her new hit and leaves us stunned. It’s another good release. Both have their justification and are also a commercial success. Everything counts in large quantities. Enrique sold a million and a half books on the first day of its release, and in my pool, one of my swimming buddies told me that Shakira’s new song had more than 25 million views. It makes perfect sense what he sings about “now women don’t cry anymore, women’s bill”.

While I don’t share his disdain for the Twingo, our youth car, I’m with Shakira: her relief and her reckoning. How nice that the three songs brought him 18 million dollars! In addition, it does not extend its relationship with the Spanish Treasury since it is taxed in the United States. I understand Shaki trilling, and I don’t think it’s upset that he uses his ex’s new girlfriend’s name to create one of the song’s best phrases. In reality, it’s nothing new for a diva or diva to sing forty to their former sentimental partner with a copla, ballad, or reggaeton and openly share what they think of him and the breakup. Rocío Jurado has done it masterfully with Pedro Carrasco, with Manuel Alejandro’s famous classic, Ese hombre. According to legend, the composer took a picture of him, small, not from a passport, but almost, from the ex, so that the greatest would release the greatest.

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Isabel Pantoja also uses her songs to calm her moods and settle debates of a national nature. Throughout his powerful public life, his concerts were authentic group therapies and epicenters of larger-than-life release. It’s possible that Shakira, who lived with Piqué and us for 12 years, somatized this sentimental current of our highly emotional pop divas and gossip. But since she’s Latino, she knows how to exploit it online and, above all, how to dollarize it. It’s the best thing about this revenge. There is no better poem than the one that comes from pain, from contempt, from what is broken. Julio Iglesias seemed to channel it that way after his first divorce, sparking this debate that’s now being repeated with Shakira.

If Diana of Wales had been a singer and not a princess, married to a man who didn’t love her, she would have found another way to vent that would have petrified us just as much. In fact, he found it, looking through the famous interview on the Panorama program. There Diana said with her threatening Bambi look that her marriage was “three, a little tight”. Now, following the publication of In the Shadows, his youngest son’s well-documented autobiographical book, many boast of predicting all sorts of omens, both about the coronation ceremony and the reign of this man prone to trouble and dissatisfaction with the royal inkwells, this is Carlos III.

Princes William and Harry and King Charles III.  at the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 14, 2022 in London. Princes William and Harry and King Charles III. at the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 14, 2022 in London. Jeff J Mitchell (Getty)

I never tire of defending that the book will not end anything, but will revive a family that survives thanks to the generosity of taxpayers and also because of their ability to turn these scandals into vitamins. Once again we face the British monarchy and once again we see it make a facelift. For me, this is Enrique’s book: Collagen. In addition to a reading that has all the material to be successful in the entertainment industry and, like Shakira’s song, marks a generation: Anything goes and you have to put it in a book, in a song or in a requiem.

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