A reminder to Bosnias biggest agitators

A reminder to Bosnia’s biggest agitators

SDA chief Izetbegović has stumbled in elections in Bosnia. Serious allegations of manipulation were made against Serbian leader Milorad Dodik. The opposition wants to contest his election.

Even in his native village of Krajišnik, no voters would have wanted to vote for the opposition candidate. “People are calling me and assuring me that they voted for me,” reported Jelena Trivić (PDP) the day after the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina after her defeat to Milorad Dodik (SNSD) in the presidential race in the federal state of Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic from Srpska.

PDP leader Branislav Boronović complained of “vote manipulation and theft” and a “fraudulent miracle” on election night, given the unusually high number of over 30,000 votes declared invalid. Trivić led until 72% of the votes were counted. But then “amazing things” happened in villages where the PDP candidate reportedly didn’t get a single vote, and cities where Dodik was ahead by 5,000 to 10,000 votes: “We’re going to contest the election. There is sufficient basis to invalidate them.”