A romantic twist we didn39t expect in 5e rang

A romantic twist we didn't expect in “5e rang” – Showbizz.net

The first three episodes of the sixth season of 5e rang were released a few days ago on EXTRA on ICI.tou.tv. So if you miss original content from Quebec, you can dedicate this holiday season to the rest of the adventures of the people of Valmont.

From the beginning of the first episode we are once again immersed in the hostage situation of Marc Trempe (Marc Béland), a conjecture that, as you remember, embarrassed us at the end of last season. We find Marie-Paule (Ève Duranceau) as she is horrified to discover the embalmed body of an old woman in the house where she is being held captive with her sisters. Then it happens quickly. Without giving too much away, let's just say that there isn't too much damage or major unexpected twists.

On the other hand, at the end of this first episode, the writers have a little surprise for fans of the series that they might like. Gladys (Julie Roussel), who is mourning the loss of her lover Marc-André (Julien Hurteau), could quickly find love in someone close to her. Of course, since she has just tragically lost her partner, she won't be in a relationship with the first comer, but he is far from the first comer…

In addition to this moment of joy, we find a fragile Marie-Luce (Maude Guérin) devastated by recent events. Luckily the farmer is well surrounded.

This season we will follow the case of Sophie (Julie Du Page), who is still monitoring the movements of Daniel Riendeau, her sister's murderer, who has just been released from prison after serving his sentence. This is also performed by a former Star Académie candidate. See a photo here. Additionally, Charles (François Papineau) will deliver big news to Faubert (Antoine Durand).

The very last episode of 5th Rank will air next spring. We recently spoke to the actor Maxime de Cotret, interpreter of Réginald, who told us about this expected grand finale. Discover everything here.