A Spanish influencer tells of the horror in India three

A Spanish influencer tells of the horror in India, three men were arrested

The Spanish tourist was able to reach a patrolling police van around 11 p.m. and was taken to hospital for treatment, police officer Pitamber Singh Kherwar told The Times of India newspaper. Mr Kherwar said police were searching for more suspects after arresting three people in connection with the attack.

The victim is being treated at a local hospital in Dumka and investigations are ongoing. The couple, who have a very popular page on Instagram where they talk about their trip, also took to social networks to share the ordeal they experienced, especially the woman. She says with a swollen face: “They beat us and robbed us, but not much, because they just wanted to rape me.” The husband was also injured in the face. “They put a knife to my neck and told me they would kill me. My mouth is destroyed, but Fernanda is in worse condition than mine. »

90 rapes are reported every day

According to official national data, an average of nearly 90 rapes were reported per day in India in 2022. However, due to stigmatization of victims and lack of trust in police investigations, many cases go unreported. Convictions remain rare as prosecutions have stalled for years in India's overburdened criminal justice system.