1709758466 A spring break in Winnebago to meet my friend Lauzon

A spring break in Winnebago to meet my friend Lauzon

NASHVILLE | Mexico, Florida, Virginia Beach – these are the type of destinations that are usually popular when it comes time for students to take advantage Spring break.

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The sun, the beach, the waves, it's good. But if your friend's brother plays in the NHL, there may be a more attractive option. Especially when it's in Nashville. Once the circuit's best-kept secret, the state capital leaves no one indifferent, especially because of the excitement of Broadway Street.

By describing this festive atmosphere, Émile Lauzon convinced a dozen friends to accompany him to Tennessee to see Predators defenseman Jérémy at work.

“Émile came last year during spring break. When he returned, he told us that we absolutely had to come too, explained Cédrik Cabana, one of the members of that group of happy men who met in front of Robert's, one of the street's legendary institutions. So we’ve been preparing for this trip for a year.”

And if you're going to make it, you might as well make it big. Within the group, five decided to travel in a recreational vehicle, the good old Winnebago.

“We left Sherbrooke, where my parents live, in my dad’s Winnebago. “We drove all the way to Columbus, where we stayed overnight in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart,” said friend Cédrik. The next day we walked the rest of the way.”

And where have all these wonderful people slept since arriving in Nashville?

“If you travel by motorhome, you will spend the night at a campsite. The others are at my house. Above my garage I have a kind of bachelorette compartment that can accommodate three or four people,” explained Jérémy Lauzon after the Predators’ morning practice.

Family and friends of Jérémy Lauzon in Nashville.

Photo Cedrick Cabana

In one piece

Except that, if our calculations are correct, there are six. As a colleague pointed out to the Preds defender, it shouldn't smell like roses.

“I haven’t dared to look yet,” Lauzon said loudly.

In addition to the game against the Canadians, the group attended the game against the Avalanche. On the way home, they stop at the University of Kentucky to watch a college basketball game. They will also stop in Pittsburgh to watch the game between the Penguins and Capitals.

They will return to Quebec just in time to continue their session at Laval University. Until then, make the best of it. Message to her friend: They are all still in one piece. But there is someone who no longer has his glasses.

“We’re going to bed early,” laughs the young Cabana, referring to the first rays of sunshine. It's even better than what Émile told us. Also, at Predators games we are in a lounge where we see the players walking by. We get free food and alcohol.”

By the way, guys, beer at Robert's is $2.50. I'll tell you the same thing.