A thousandyearold papyrus is discovered in Israel with the paycheck

A thousandyearold papyrus is discovered in Israel with the paycheck of a Roman soldier

posted on 02/17/2023 19:24

    (Source: Playback/Instagram/@antiquities_en)

(Source: Playback/Instagram/@antiquities_en)

A 2,000yearold papyrus detailing a Roman soldier’s paycheck was discovered on Wednesday (02/15) near the Dead Sea in Israel. The archaeological object, which is already considered an Israeli historical march, is dated to the year 72 AD.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, the rare papyrus is part of a collection of at least 14 Latinlanguage documents found in various states of preservation. The find is one of only three soldiers’ checks discovered across the Roman Empire.

Although the papyrus is partially damaged, the artifact contains information on the management of the Roman army and the status of the soldiers, and provides a detailed summary of the officers’ paychecks, including items such as a deduction for boots, a linen tunic, and even barley fodder for the horse .

“Surprisingly, the details indicate that the deductions almost exceeded the soldier’s salary. While this document only provides a glimpse of an individual soldier’s spending in a given year, it is clear that given the nature and risks of the work, soldiers did not stay in the military just for the salary,” explained Oren Ableman, a researcher at Unit by Dead Sea Scroll on Instagram.

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