A VOIR The creators of ChatGPT introduce Sora an ultra realistic

[À VOIR] The creators of ChatGPT introduce Sora, an ultra-realistic video generator

The world of artificial intelligence just reached a new milestone with the development of Sora, a robot designed to create hyper-realistic videos based on text queries.

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The new tool from OpenAI, the inventors of ChatGPT, has fascinated the web since it was unveiled on Thursday.

“Sora can create complex scenes with multiple characters using specific camera movements. It can understand a request initiated by a user and how different elements interact in the real world,” the company describes on its website.

Several sequences have been published on the company's platforms. We can see a woman running through Tokyo, mammoths walking in the snow, or a man exploring a salt flat.

The result is disturbing: it is almost impossible to distinguish true from false.


Sora is currently not open to the public. According to OpenAI, the tool is designed for internal use for risk assessment, particularly in a context where misinformation and defamatory content often circulates online.

The company also wants to make available several tools that will allow Internet users to recognize videos created by Sora.

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