A Vox MP in Zamora shows a bullet during a

A Vox MP in Zamora shows a bullet during a plenary session upon Bildu's arrival at the Pamplona mayor's office

Some balls on a table in a political parliament. The only representative of Vox in the Provincial Council of Zamora, David García, brought to the plenary some bullets “like those used by ETA” and exhibited them to criticize the agreement for the motion of censure with the support of the PSOE at Bildu in Pamplona , whom he accused of being the heir to the terrorists. The events occurred while a measure was being debated and ultimately adopted that aimed to denigrate the proposal presented to the Abertzales by the Pamplona mayor's office in December. García mentioned the names of the socialist victims of the armed gang and accused his Zamorano colleagues from the PSOE of “defending the pacts with Bildu”. The provincial MP argued that he would vote “with bullets on the table” and recalled that he served as national police and bodyguard for socialist officials during the years of terrorism in the Basque Country.

“I'll bring some pistol bullets that these people have [en alusión a Bildu] in the head and that they take life,” explained the Vox MP in his speech with bullets in his hands, trying, in his words, to capture “the reality of the Basque Country”. “Today we will vote with all ammunition because some of you believe it is a question of ideology, but this is something more serious. “Here we are talking about a terrorist gang that has come to power,” García said. In it he insisted that he served as a police officer even in the harshest moments of the armed struggle and that he protected socialist officials threatened by ETA.

The Vice President of the Provincial Council, Víctor López de la Parte (PP), has supported the motion, reprimanding the PSOE for its alliances and assuring that “what happens in Pamplona matters in Zamora” since it is about “the… “is defense of the constitution”. The aforementioned socialist provincial deputies deplored the “demagogy” of such movements in the political territory of Zamora, while the representative of Izquierda Unida, Laura Rivera, criticized that content like this takes over the agenda of the Zamora Provincial Council and this is not the case with local ones problems.

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