1705803749 A woman attacks Dina Boluarte during an event in Peru

A woman attacks Dina Boluarte during an event in Peru

A woman attacks Dina Boluarte during an event in Peru

The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, was attacked and shaken this Saturday by a woman, apparently without suffering major damage, by a woman who managed to bypass security measures and reached her during a visit to the Ayacucho region, where she died . Ten people took part in protests against the Peruvian government between 2022 and 2023.

Boluarte was helping to lay the foundation stone of a road in three districts of Ayacucho when the woman managed to get under a truck parked where the president was with her entourage. The Peruvian National Police (PNP) has opened an investigation into the people who attacked President Boluarte this Saturday and will fire all those responsible for the ruler's security against whom sanctions will be imposed, the Interior Ministry said. Interior Minister Víctor Torres pointed out in a press conference that “those responsible for the attack have already been properly identified” and “they will be captured.”

Torres also announced that the governor's entire bodyguard staff would be removed from that role and subject to disciplinary action. The minister emphasized that the sanctions could affect “not only the security forces close to her, but also the upper ranks” of the agents.

Images broadcast by the Canal N TV channel showed that despite the large number of security officers and members of the Peruvian National Police, the woman reached the president, whom she shook for a few seconds until the security forces intervened, who apparently arrested her assailants. According to the media, the woman is a relative of one of the people who died in Ayacucho during the anti-government demonstrations that broke out in the country after Pedro Castillo was removed from the presidency by Congress following his failed self-coup on December 7. December 2022.

Boluarte returned to Ayacucho this Saturday for the first time since the anti-government demonstrations, although his presence in that city was opposed by groups of family members and people protesting the deaths in their city.

“That is why we are here, to lay with joy the foundation of concrete works that can change the face of our compatriots, so that the brothers of Ayacucho can have life and health,” she said, while being applauded by another large group of Citizens whom he continued to visit.

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