Jeremy Renner releases music on the anniversary of his snowplow

A year after his accident, Jeremy Renner gets back on a snow plow – TVA Nouvelles

Jeremy Renner got back on a snow plow.

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During an interview on The Ellen K Morning Show on Tuesday, a year after he was run over by his snowcat near his home in Reno, Nevada on January 1, 2023, the Hawkeye actor revealed that he has faced his fear by settling for driving again.

“You have to go into the eye of the storm of something, into someone’s problems. Fears can prevent you from healing, moving forward in your life, or doing things that help or grow you, so I always put myself in the eye of the storm. I've always done that since I was a child. “I’m not going to let fear dominate my actions or inactions, so I got back on the machine, started it and took it for a spin,” Jeremy Renner told the radio host.

Regarding his fear, he added: “I don't want to bury it, so I'll definitely see it again, and that's why driving the tankette was a big deal for me.” »

The 52-year-old actor and producer did not hide that the psychological trauma was still very present. He had to deal with the memories and memories of the accident. “There are of course a lot of memories that pop up in my brain,” he admitted. I'm doing some stretches at the gym and I remember how depressed I was and I start crying, I don't know why. But there are memories of these things. »



Jeremy Renner had to undergo several operations after the terrible accident, during which he broke more than thirty bones. But he never let it get him down. The actor, who is a music fan, will soon be back in front of the camera for the series “Mayor of Kingstown” and is preparing to release an EP titled “Love and Titanium” on January 19th. “It's a musical diary, a kind of healing and catharsis for me, and I share it because I think a lot of people have been with me on this journey and this recovery,” said Jeremy Renner about the project he presented on January 1st presented the single “Wait”.