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ABC is quietly dropping Big Sky, Alaska Daily and The Company You Keep

It’s Friday night, that particular time of the week when broadcasters feel most comfortable – like a god – with the dark work of releasing their ailing, underperforming, or just plain “too expensive” TV shows. And so it’s time for us to do our own duty of care and stick a stick in the loose grave where the bodies are dumped to see if — oh yeah, woof, ABC killed a lot of TV shows tonight , or?

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Specifically: THR reports that the Disney-owned broadcaster has ended three of its series quickly and bloodily tonight: Alaska Daily, Big Sky and The Company You Keep. Alaska Daily and The Company You Keep were both season one offerings; Big Sky wrapped its third season back in January.

Alright, let’s identify these jerks as their next of kin:

Started by Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy, Alaska Daily is probably best categorized in the minds of those who haven’t seen it as “The hour-long drama starring Hilary Swank.” Swank starred in the series as a former New York reporter trying to rebuild her life in Anchorage while working with fellow journalists (Jeff Perry, Grace Dove, Meredith Holzman, Matt Malloy, Pablo Castelblanco, Ami Park and Craig Frank). to research stories of missing and murdered tribal women. The show’s series finale aired on March 30.

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“The Company You Keep” ran with the most classic of all TV presentations, the lovers who are a con artist and a CIA agent. TV star Milo Ventimiglia was reportedly a con man who finds himself in a relationship with Catherine Haena Kim’s international spy. Sarah Wayne Callies, Polly Draper, William Fichtner, Tim Chiou, James Saito, Freda Foh Shen and Felisha Terrell starred. The last episode of the series aired on May 7; It was also, in the words of our own Mary Kate Carr, “the best Sunday show you don’t watch,” so bad work, ABC/everyone.

After all, Big Sky was the latest crime drama to spring from the ever-active mind of David E. Kelley, starring detectives Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury solving a series of gruesome kidnappings and murders in rural Montana. The series renamed itself Big Sky: Deadly Trails for its final season, though maybe it should have called itself Big Sky: Reba McIntire Stars In This One because it did.

The cancellations come as ABC prepares for next week’s Upfronts, which will see the network roll out a fall schedule — one likely to be light on scripted content and heavy on reality shows and imports as the WGA strike continues to move forward. Still, this “ABC bloodbath leading to offensives” is milder than some we’ve seen in the past.