Accessory manufacturer Ugreen is hoping to enter the NAS market

Accessory manufacturer Ugreen is hoping to enter the NAS market – MacGeneration

Ugreen is an accessories manufacturer that is particularly known for its cables, batteries, docking stations and chargers for smartphones, tablets and computers. Although we didn't necessarily expect it in the NAS sector, the manufacturer has still decided to enter this market with a complete range of six products intended for all audiences, from individuals to professionals. Logically, there are all sizes, from small two bays to large eight bays for as many hard drives. Ugreen also offers its own operating system with all the expected features and performance as promised, which seems very decent.

In short, it is another competitor that seems interesting on paper, although we will have to wait to fully assess it. In fact, the NASync series unveiled at CES is not yet marketed or even offered on Kickstarter, where it will initially be funded. The campaign shouldn't start until March at the earliest and only then will we have a more precise idea, especially about the prices. Without this information it is more difficult to evaluate this NAS without preventing us from listing some information about the range planned by Ugreen.

Individuals have three options: a two-bay NAS called the DXP2800 and a four-bay model called the DXP4800, as well as a DXP4800 Plus variant. The first two are associated with a 12th generation Intel N processor with 4 cores, while the last claims to have a Gold processor with 5 cores and more power. Connectivity changes too, but all feature 2.5G Ethernet, with an additional 10G port for the most efficient model. There are two slots for M.2 SSDs as cache and all models have 8 GB of expandable RAM.

There are two products available to professionals, the DXP6800 Pro and the DXP6800 Plus, with six and eight hard drive bays respectively. The rest of the specs are similar, with a 10-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of expandable RAM, two 10G Ethernet ports, two SSD slots, space for a PCIe x4 card and also two Thunderbolt 4 sockets, which could be interesting on newer Macs.

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Finally, the range is rounded off by the DXP480T Plus, a more original product without bays for hard drives but with four slots for SSDs. Equipped with the same Intel Core i5 processor, it also has a 10G Ethernet port and, above all, two TB4 sockets, as it can ideally be used in conjunction with a computer and may be of interest to content producers, especially in The video world requires a lot of quick storage. It also has an 8K HDMI port and can be used to stream stored content directly, as well as a Wi-Fi chip for its operating system.

Ugreen image.

On this topic, Ugreen created a system called UGOS Pro and provided very few details. It's likely to be Linux-based and should offer all the usual features, including a photo media library with automatic image sorting. A store will be there and you can install any service via Docker, which should cover all the common needs of a NAS. Like its historical competitors, the manufacturer has also planned a mobile app.

Furthermore, we will have to wait for the start of the financing campaign to assess whether Ugreen has its place in this market. This is undoubtedly why the prop manufacturer decided to launch a financing campaign. The company will be able to test the waters without taking too many risks and cancel the project if interest does not meet the deadline.