According to records from Olhar Digital UFOs have already been.webp

According to records from Olhar Digital, UFOs have already been sighted in conflict zones

Many unidentified flying objects have been sighted in the skies of the United States. The sightings became more frequent after the Chinese balloon scandal in early February, when the White House changed its radar settings. However, the American government points out that the UFO cases of the last few days have nothing to do with extraterrestrials or extraterrestrials.

These sightings have caused a lot of tension between Washington and Beijing. On the one hand, they claim that the February 4th balloon is a spy mechanism. On the other hand, it is argued that it was nothing more than meteorological equipment.

Unidentified objects have been flying over the United States for a long time without explanation or investigation. That said John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator at the National Security Council. He further adds that current President Joe Biden changed this to understand more about UFOs.

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For documentary filmmaker and “Weaponized” podcast host Jeremy Corbel, the US government and Department of Defense must investigate these UFOs because it is their duty to be honest and keep the public informed.

According to Corbel, the Alldomain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), the Department of Defense that investigates UFOs, needs to investigate these sightings.

The presenter has already revealed several UFOs in documentaries some have even been verified by the US government. He recently released what he claims to be the first image of a UFO filmed by the US military in a conflict zone.

U.S. officials such as the Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment on this reported 2016 sighting.

This image was taken in northern Iraq (2016). This is military footage and is part of an active investigation into UFOs. The difference is that it was taken over a conflict area, which should make everyone ponder the explanations for it.

Jeremy Corbel, in response to CNN.

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