According to Stephan Bureau – TVA Nouvelles Trump is more

According to Stéphan Bureau – TVA Nouvelles, Trump is more than a caricature

For many people, Donald Trump is a man who should never have been at the head of the world's greatest power. During the four years of his presidency, many people condemned his actions, both in his own country and internationally. But according to Stéphan Bureau, Donald Trump is much more nuanced than many believe. He even has several victories that too few media outlets talk about.

At Benoit Dutrizac's microphone at the QUB, the moderator gave several examples that thwart the former American president's critics.

“He’s something different than the caricature we make of him,” Mr. Bureau said.

Moderator Stéphan Bureau brings nuances about Donald Trump and his politics to Benoit Dutrizac's microphone via QUB:

He cites his foreign policy as an example: Donald Trump didn't start a war, he forced Canada and Europe to pay more for the war effort, and he encouraged Israel to sign agreements with its neighbors.

Since, according to Stéphan Bureau, 74 million Americans voted for Trump in the last election, 11 million more than in 2016, we shouldn't be surprised if the former reality TV star reclaims his throne in the White House.