According to the IDF 20 suspects in the October 7

According to the IDF, 20 suspects in the October 7 attacks were arrested at a hospital in Gaza

From Le Figaro with AFP

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Palestinian patients arrive in Rafah after being evacuated from Nasser Hospital in Khan Younes due to the Israeli ground operation in the southern Gaza Strip, February 15, 2024. MOHAMMED SALEM / Portal

The Israeli army launched an attack on Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza. According to Hamas, five patients died due to power outages.

The Israeli army said Friday it had arrested “more than 20 terrorists involved in the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7,” including “dozens of suspects” held at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza became. She added that near the hospital complex she found “remnants of mortar shells, grenades and other weapons” belonging to Hamas, which she said used the hospital to fire on Israeli forces. ©lians in the last few weeks.

The Hamas Ministry of Health said five patients died after power outages caused oxygen distribution to be disrupted. “The generators in the hospital complex stopped and power was interrupted,” the ministry said in a press release. He added that he feared for the lives of nine other patients in the hospital's intensive care unit and kindergarten and “held the Israel Defense Forces responsible for the lives of the patients and 'teams' on site.” The ministry said on Thursday that There were still several hundred people – patients, medical staff and other civilians – in the hospital complex.

The last refuge of many civilians

The Israeli army said Thursday that it was conducting a “targeted and limited operation” at Nasser Hospital after receiving “credible information” indicating that Hamas was holding hostages there, “and that there may be hostage bodies could give”. She then stated in the evening that she had not yet found any evidence of this in the complex, but had confiscated “weapons, grenades and mortar shells”. The hospital doctors described a desperate situation.

Under the fire of fighting between the army and the Palestinian Islamist movement, the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younès received thousands of civilians who had fled the war and whose evacuation began in recent days. After Khan Younis, a city that has turned into a field of rubble, Israel is preparing a ground offensive in the city of Rafah further south, the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of civilians who have fled the fighting.

On Thursday, AFP photographers saw clouds of smoke rising over Khan Yunis and Rafah after new bomb attacks. After more than four months of war against Hamas in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now wants to destroy the “last bastion” of the Islamist movement in Rafah. He announced a “violent action” in the city, but assured that the army would first allow civilians “to leave the combat areas.”

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