According to TV, a Chinese jet collides with a US Navy plane

According to CNN International, the episode happened as a US plane flew over the South China Sea.

What happened?

  • During the flight, the broadcaster noted that a voice could be heard on the Navy plane’s radio: “American planes. Chinese airspace is 12 nautical miles [aproximadamente 22,2 quilômetros]. Don’t come any closer or you’ll take full responsibility.”
  • Within minutes, a Chinese warplane “armed with missiles intercepted the American plane.”
  • According to the broadcaster, the fighter was nearby and the pilots could be seen turning their heads to look at the plane.

The US Navy pilot then radios his origin, stating that he “intends to advance west”. “I ask you to do the same, exchange,” he finished.

The Chinese fighter jet, which the broadcaster said had followed the broadcaster for 15 minutes, is not responding.


Chinese fighter seen next to US Navy plane Image: Reproduction/YouTube/CNN

Asked about possible tensions between the US and China, Navy commander Marc Hines said only that “it’s another Friday afternoon in the South China Sea”.

In recent times, the South China Sea has been viewed as a key potential point of conflict in the AsiaPacific region. Islands in the region are the target of territorial claims by some countries, including China itself.