Actor Jeremy Renner is in serious condition It will take

Actor Jeremy Renner is in serious condition: ‘It will take him two years to recover’

“It will take 2 years before actor Jeremy Renner can fully recover.” A source close to the actor told Radar Online, stating that the Marvel actor was injured near a snowplow machine outside his home on New Year’s Day LakeTahoe they actually were much more serious as reported. “Jeremy is aware of that he almost died that day», the source explained, tracing the day of the accident. After reconstructions, Renner helped a motorist stranded by the snowstorm with his snow blower Kässbohrer slopes It slowly began to move on its own and ran him over, crushing his leg as the actor tried to get back behind the wheel. Renner started bleeding from the head and had begun to breathe heavily. After the accident, a rescuer pointed out that the Marvel actor’s chest had been crushed by the vehicle. “The damage to the chest was so severe that it was reconstructed in the operating room,” the source told Radar Online. Numerous surgeries are also planned to heal the actor’s wounds, but doctors prefer to spread them out to give the body time to recover naturally.

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