Actor Jonathan Roumie shares the impact of his role as

Actor Jonathan Roumie shares the impact of his role as Jesus ACI Prensa

When asked if Roumie had experienced something similar, he told CNA that he had also been told to “belittle” his faith.

“Some people have said things to me like, 'Maybe you should downplay your faith a little bit because it doesn't really convince people when it comes to casting for movies and TV shows,'” he told CNA.

“I think, especially in Hollywood, people are a little nervous about talking about their faith in a business setting,” Roumie said. “I've never been. “I'm happy to talk about it with anyone who wants to, but getting advice like that was a bit strange and disappointing, but I wasn't surprised either because that's what I've heard.”

The actor also emphasized that he has given up having any control over his career and simply said, “Lord, tell me where to go.” In this way, he explained, he will be fine, independent about whether he would be invited to a casting for “The Chosen” or not. “It does not bother me. I mean yes, of course I would like to work, but I trust in God and everything he does,” he said.