Adamari Lopez opens up about the details of his split

Adamari López opens up about the details of his split from Toni Costa

Adamari López was in Mexico weeks ago to promote the premiere of his show “Who Will Fall?”, which airs in the United States at 7 p.m. Eastern Time on UniMas. The charismatic Puerto Rican presenter and actress took advantage of her visit to the country to have a candid conversation Yordi Rosado on his YouTube channel. The interview was published this Sunday.

The former Telemundo morning host talked about her life, from her childhood and beginnings as an actress to her recent split from her daughter's father.

“At what point does this couple end?” Yordi asked him.

Adamari went into the details for the first time.

“If I feel like there's a pattern where I'm experiencing a lack of respect towards a couple, not necessarily verbally or physically, but in actions, in actions, in rudeness. Things are starting to get worse. And you come back and talk and go to the psychologist and you try it and you see that there is a time that tries to improve it. I know I also have to have things that I may not have improved, it's not a thing of one, it's a thing of two; but perhaps for my part I see what I saw and what I didn't have and what may have led me not to give what the other person may have wanted, which then becomes a wheel of things that affect us and that influence Keep us apart. More and more,” today’s TelevisaUnivision talent began opening up.

Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez.

Mezheat; YouTube Rodner Figueroa

“I used to talk, but Toni isn't that talkative. I mean, I like conversations where we can talk openly about what's happening to us to improve them, and Toni is a little more reserved or he was afraid of losing me or “It hurt me, the reason for that. Well, and a situation arose where I recognized a pattern and said, I don't want to endure it anymore, I'm turning 50 and I don't want to be in this torment, I have a girl, I don't want her to be the example of a desperate mother and give to a mother who stays to fight for what when I don't see the other person fighting for the same thing and I made a decision and said “No more,” the host explained.

“Is it harder to make a decision after your first marriage or is it easier?” the interviewer wanted to know.

“Very difficult in both situations because in the first situation.” [refiriéndose a su divorcio de Luis Fonsi] I wasn't the one who made the decision and I didn't want that decision, I would have wanted to fight and fight for what we had built up to that moment. But I've already had this experience, maybe I'm less tolerant and I said I don't want to waste another day giving and giving and giving and not getting what I think is right,” Adamari said.

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The presenter admitted that “there were heartaches and difficult moments when the three of us were together.” “Now I think the girl has the best of both of us. She and I play more, she and I spend more time together; she also spends time with her father, who enjoys it very much. He's very funny, he has one.” “She has a very good sense of humor, so she enjoys it a lot… I highlight a lot of nice things about him for her. “I want her to see her father as a man she can also aspire to,” Adamari emphasized.