Adamari Lopez39s explosive Selena look has divided opinions

Adamari López's explosive Selena look has divided opinions

The presenter dares everything and steals the show (and the looks) with this outfit!

The premiere of Desiguales was a waste of female courage and a production that revolutionized audiences. Women of different ages express their opinions on current issues and show that their voice counts.

Among them is Adamari Lopez, whose participation marks his return to a prime time and full-scale program on the Univision network. Well, although he has taken part in other shows on the channel and also Who Will Fall? moderated by UNIMÁS, he makes his most triumphant appearance with Desiguales.

His opinions and interventions show his strength on television. But if there's one thing her audience expects every day when they see her on set, like they did on “Today,” it's her new bet in style. Her looks are already on everyone's lips, for better or worse.

The most recent was an ode to the unforgettable Selena Quintanilla. With a crisscross bra that covered her chest and exposed her stomach, Adamari was the center of all eyes, many compliments and some criticism.

But it is clear, it undoes the evil. This is how she put it in the most recent episode of Ada and Chiqui De Show: She blocks the attacks and doesn't let them affect her.

In this case, the majority was applause and praise for daring to look the way he wants. “I love this look with Selena vibes,” “How beautiful you look,” “I really love it,” “It looks spectacular on you,” some said to her.

Others disagreed: “How does he put these clothes on?”, “Someone help him get dressed,” “He’s not 20 or 30 anymore,” they said.

Adamari is oblivious to these comments and continues to shine with her looks and opinions on screen while personally celebrating the life of her young daughter Alaia, who just turned 9 years old. Congratulations!


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