1709305435 Adobe launches AI generated music platform

Adobe launches AI-generated music platform

Project Music GenAI Control is the brand new artificial intelligence (AI) program from well-known image and video software developer Adobe.

The Photoshop of music

Announced this week at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, Project Music GenAI Control is a new prototype tool that allows users to generate music using simple text commands and then edit the audio with dedicated editing software without switching.

Project Music GenAI Control

Project music GenAI control Adobe

However, AI-created music is nothing new. Although there are already many editing and music creation tools based on generative AI on the market, Adobe's approach has the virtue of respecting copyright.

In fact, generative AI music tools in general raise ethical and legal questions as AI-created music, artwork, and lyrics proliferate. Adobe is working with the University of California and the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science on its project.

You just have to have musical ideas

Legal issues aside, and although the project is still in the research stage, Adobe's platform allows audio to be generated from text descriptions entered via the keyboard.

Project Music GenAI Control

Project music GenAI control Adobe

It's possible to adjust elements such as tempo, intensity, repeating patterns and structure, or even take a track and extend it to any length, remix music or create an infinite loop.

In addition to various control options to try out, you don't have to be a composer, just express your musical ideas.

The experts behind the project believe that generative AI music tools will not replace artists, but will coexist with them and traditional means of music production.

This video from Adobe demonstrates the possibilities the project offers.