Adrian Quiroz player of the 2nd division after the radical

Adrián Quiroz, player of the 2nd division, after the radical position of the FPF: "They think it's a neighborhood championship"

Adrian Quiroz player of the 2nd division after the radical

Last Saturday, February 3, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) issued a statement announcing that it will withdraw financial support to clubs that want to participate in Liga 2 this season. Likewise, each team taking part in the tournament must provide for itself and cover the costs of its team: air and ground transport, accommodation for the delegation, meals for the delegation, fees and travel expenses for referees and match officials.

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According to them, since 2019 the FPF has taken over the expenses of the second division clubs with the main aim of strengthening the development of the competition. However, starting this year the situation will change. In this sense, they issued an ultimatum: “We request that you inform us within 72 hours whether your institution will participate in the above-mentioned League 2 2024 under the conditions described.”

Afterwards, several unknowns arise around this chaos. One of them, for example, is to find out what the second division players themselves think and feel, who – although it is obvious – the only thing they want is to play the sport they love. That's why we spoke to Adrián Quiroz, Comerciantes FC midfielder.

League 2: a directionless championship that still has no starting point

We begin the second month of 2024, the I bet League 1 He went on his second date and everything seems to be going well. The opposite of this can be found in League 2: the start of the championship is not known, there is still no sponsor for the second league and, what's worse, several footballers have not received a payout for 4 months. Adrian Quiroz It's just one of countless cases.

—How did you receive the news that the FPF will stop providing financial support to League 2 clubs?

– Surprising and, well, it’s outrageous. As a League 2 player this season you are waiting for the exact bases, the official start date and how the tournament will run, but what emerges is this: that the teams will cover all costs. It's impressive because it seems like they don't take the second division seriously, they don't consider it a professional championship. They think it's a neighborhood championship and that they'll let you know when they want and how they want to run the tournament in the least professional way possible.

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—You don't take League 2 seriously. Since when do you think this has been happening?

—I played with Gray in the 2021 League 2 Championship. It was a tournament organized in Lima due to the pandemic and the organization seemed correct to me. In 2022 I had to play League 1 and last year in League 2 everything was confusing. They did not announce the start date and extended the tournament. For us, last year ended in October. We have November, December, January and this month (February) without receiving a club salary.

—What have you been told by your club Comerciantes FC after the FPF released the statement?

—The start of the preseason for us will be the 19th of this month. The club is with the entire organization and has already seen the tickets for us and the technical team. It will be done well. So far there have been no changes or postponements (…) But it seems to me that not all clubs will take this measure and the organization of the presidents also plays a role. I imagine they'll discuss it among everyone and make a group decision, because the Federation can't throw a bucket of cold water on everyone.

– Why do you think the FPF made this unexpected and resounding decision regarding League 2?

—For them to have less expenses in League 2. What they don't want is to cover so many championships. We also know that this association has money, but of course they don't want to do it, they don't want to support League 2, and that's clear to me: they want to extend, extend the start, reduce costs. I find it outrageous because, as I told you, it is not a neighborhood championship, but we are professional players.

League 2: a tournament without sponsorship and without a television house

To date, two fundamental aspects of a professional tournament remain undefined: Sponsoring and the television house. Around, Adrian Quiroz He noted that his club's players still do not know what the second division will be called and highlighted his concerns about the lack of a television channel that could broadcast the games.

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A few days ago, Coopsol president Freddy Ames said that League 2 was in the process of ending sponsorship of the tournament's name. Do you manage the same information in your club, Comerciantes FC?

“No, they have not informed us about it yet, but I imagine that they (the club) are very aware of this issue and it is still pending as the procedures have already been organized and carried out for us to do this on campus can.” Start the preseason in the coming days.

—Does the fact that League 2 still doesn't have a TV house to broadcast the games worry you?

-Yes indeed. Every player wants the games to be televised to get noticed. Maybe not all audiences will want to watch League 2, but people who are interested in football will watch it. Someone from the technical management of the teams, representatives, video analysts from other clubs. This way you can show yourself and as a player you can get a sample of everything that has been done during the year. If they don't have a clip of your best plays, that's difficult and worrying.

—Finally: Have these and other difficulties that you experienced in the second division of our country made you think about leaving football?

—I actually didn't think about giving up football. Last year I had to be there for Alfonso Ugarte. It was a difficult year in terms of the club's administrative affairs, we still had four or five months left. It was difficult to spend the year there, but the teacher put together a good group and that ensured that several of us were able to finish the year. I didn't think about giving up football, it's my passion and it's something I've always dreamed of since I was a child and I've achieved it. It's time to work hard.