AFGHANISTAN Endless humanitarian crisis Cold kills 150 Afghans AsiaNews

AFGHANISTAN Endless humanitarian crisis: Cold kills 150 Afghans AsiaNews

The country is suffering from the worst frost wave in the last 10 years. Temperatures drop to minus 34 degrees Celsius. In the coming months, climatic hazards will come from droughts and floods. More than half of the country’s population is dependent on humanitarian aid.

Kabul (AsiaNews / Agencies) – At least 150 people have died from the common cold in the past two weeks. Temperatures as low as 34 degrees below zero have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the country, which is in free fall after more than four decades of war and marked by the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, large sections of the population lack the financial means to purchase heating systems. Those most affected are the weakest: women, children, the sick and the elderly.

The country is suffering from the strongest freeze in 10 years, but the worst could come in the coming months. Some areas will feel the effects of the drought, while others could experience severe flooding.

More than half of Afghanistan’s population currently depends on humanitarian aid; The national health system can only function thanks to development aid. Six million Afghans face extreme food problems. The banking system is bankrupt and there are serious power supply problems.

The Taliban regime’s recent ban on women working in NGOs has exacerbated the situation, as humanitarian aid requires a strong female presence.