After a two and a half year hiatus Alex Nevsky

After a two and a half year hiatus, Alex Nevsky will release an album in March

Two and a half years after putting his career on hold after being denounced by a former lover, singer Alex Nevsky is formalizing his musical return by presenting a song that will appear on an instrumental album due out on March 17th.

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The Cutie’s Piece is Nevsky’s first new track since releasing the song Sea of ​​Splendor in 2021.

It will be one of the compositions from the Even the Impossible Flowers album, which will be released on the L-Abe label.

Alex Nevsky, who has been giving hints of his return to music on social media for a long time, did not give an interview.

In a press release he explained: “Beauty is music to see better. A call for thought. A need to reconnect with all living things. It’s the sweetness that’s worth it. »

“It’s music that wants to live long, and it’s also a way of engaging in the world with a sincere hope of accompanying hearts that choose to lie down and marvel,” he also said.

abusive relationship

In July 2020, amid a wave of sexual misconduct allegations in the artist community, Alex Nevsky had admitted to having been in an abusive relationship with Stéphanie Boulay, one half of the duo The Boulay Sisters.

“I now take full responsibility for all the times a woman has felt inadequate or pressured into having intimate relationships with me,” the pop singer said.

Alex Nevsky, fired from his record company, then undertook a restoration process accompanied by Stéphanie Boulay and then presented the song Mer de Splendeur in May 2021.