After Berlin everything you need to know about the new

After Berlin everything you need to know about the new series from the creators of La Casa de Papel

Filming for the new series from Berlin makers La Casa de Papel and Sky Rojo has just begun. This future apocalyptic thriller expected on Netflix looks promising!

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Netflix continues its collaboration with Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, the showrunners behind La Casa de Papel, White Lines, Sky Rojo and Berlin, and has just been renewed for a second season. This new series project was first mentioned in March 2022, but production officially began in February 2024. In the original version entitled “El refugio atómico”, which can mean “The fallout shelter” or “The nuclear shelter” in French, it will consist of eight consist of one-hour episodes. To date, the release date of this promising thriller is unknown, but here's what celebrities are in the cast and what the synopsis of this new Netflix series is.

What is the new series from the creators of La Casa de Papel on Netflix about?

El refugio atómico is a series that plunges us to the end of the world. And for good reason: while World War III is about to break out, A group of multimillionaires takes refuge in a luxury bunker, called Kimera Underground Park. Even if they escape several meters underground, they still enjoy exclusive advantages. In fact, they have access to a basketball court, a restaurant, a Zen garden, a cocktail bar, a gym and a spa. They must learn to live together in a luxurious hell while the world collapses over their heads. Of course, not everything will go as planned down there. Secrets from the past could well undermine the good understanding between two privileged families.

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Who is in the cast of El refugio atómico?

Fans of Spanish series may recognize a few familiar faces. The residents of this animal shelter are played by Miren Ibarguren (“You Shall Not Lie”, “My Father's Mexican Wedding”), Joaquín Furriel (“The Year of Fury”), Natalia Verbeke, who also appeared in the series “You Shall Not Lie” can be seen, and Carlos Santos. Montse Guallar, Pau Simon, Alicia Falcó, Agustina Bisio and Álex Villazón complete the cast. The series is co-directed by Jesus Colmenar (La Casa de Papel and Sky Rojo), David Barrocal (Sky Rojo and Berlin) and Jose Manuel Cravioto (The Collapse).

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias