After Buddha and Pitel flirt the woman tears up photos

After Buddha and Pitel flirt, the woman tears up photos, packs a suitcase and says she will support Davi

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The weekend remains busy inside and outside of BBB 24. After Wanessa's disqualification for aggression on Saturday (2), Camila Moura, now Lucas Buda's ex, is the talk of social media. The woman made the decision to break up after flirting between her brother and Pitel during the party on Friday (1).

According to information from the portal Léo Dias, Camila confessed that her 15year relationship with the capoeira teacher ended this Sunday (3). After Camila Moura denied her Instagram profile and deleted photos of her appearing next to him, she published a series of stories about the breakup.

In one of the publications, she took several photos in which the two were torn up and thrown in the trash, and also published a photo in which she carried a suitcase with her brother's belongings to the sounds of the song Chico by Luísa Sonza.

“Guys, I know everyone wanted an explanation. As I said in the videos, I'm the stall owner here, but everything happened very quickly. I solve my BO and come here to talk, wait for me. The world doesn't turn, it rolls over!” she wrote as she shared the torn photos of the couple.

Camila later reposted a video from that Sunday's fishing lunch when Buddha asked her to remember to pay her card bill. In the caption, Camila hinted that she would not comply with her now ex's request. “Serasa, write his name!” he wrote.

Flirt with Pitel

The reason for the ending would be a dialogue between Lucas Buda and Giovana Pitel during the party on Friday. In the early hours of the morning he went to his sister and made a small statement. “Baiana, you messed me up, I freaked out about your Nagô color, your guide.”

In addition to deleting the photos and posting them in Stories, Camila also posted the song “Baiana” on her Instagram, referencing what Buddha said to Pitel. She also called him Chico, in reference to Luísa Sonza's ex, and Calabreso, and began publicly supporting Davi on her profile with #teamdavi in ​​her bio.



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