After Michelle Hunziker he goes to the well known presenter

“After Michelle Hunziker, he goes to the well known presenter”

Giovanni Angiolini and Michelle Hunziker’s relationship only lasted a few months, a short time but apparently enough to expand the circle of acquaintances in the entertainment world around the fascinating 41-year-old surgeon, who fleetingly entered this field in 2015 with Big Brother.

It has been rumored for some time that, having returned single after splitting from the Swiss presenter (now back with her husband Tomaso Trussardi), there was a large group of fans receptive to his charms, but no name at least for now . had turned out to be his possible acquaintance. Now, however, emerges that of a popular presenter who was spotted having dinner at a well-known Roman restaurant in anything other than a simple friendship.

“Suspicious dinner between Giovanni Angiolini and Carlo Conti’s ex”

To report on the indiscretion is the weekly Oggi, which, in the column signed by Alberto Dandolo, speaks about the dealings between Giovanni Angiolini and Roberta Morise, a popular TV face known for having taken part in the last edition of the Isola dei Famosi and also for having been Carlo Conti’s girlfriend in the past. Beginning of a friendship, passion or flash in the pan? At the moment the social networks of those directly involved do not communicate anything about it, if there is a link it is time to say so in this case too.