After the primary election failed donors withdrew their support from

After the primary election failed, donors withdrew their support from Nikki Haley

The conservative American organization Americans Action for Prosperity (AFP), led by billionaire Charles Koch, has decided to cut investments in the election campaign of Republican Nikki Haley, who lost in the primaries against former President Donald Trump, most recently in South Carolina Consecutive defeats where she was once governor.

In a statement, the AFP said it would now focus its resources on the US House of Representatives and Senate. “Given the challenges ahead in the primary states, we do not believe an outside group can make a significant contribution to advancing her path to victory,” said Emily Seidel, an adviser to the organization. “And we will continue to do so.” Support We will concentrate our resources where we can make a difference. Whether in the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives,” he added.

Despite the losses to Trump, Haley assured that she will remain in the primary race at least until Super Tuesday next week, when more than a dozen states will vote.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Americans for Prosperity has spent more than $32 million (nearly R$160 million) in support of Haley since November last year, with the majority of that amount spent on digital advertising and the campaign.

According to the latest results from South Carolina, Trump accounted for 47 delegates and just three for Haley, making the difference between them so far 110 delegates to 20.

After the failure in her home state, Trump's opponent in the Republican Party asked her supporters for more resources to finance her campaign until the crucial March 5, “Super Tuesday”, when over 800 party delegates will be decided.

“Can you send a generous donation to help me fund this next critical phase?” the message reads, emphasizing that he continues to see “frustration” in the state and across the country and that the United States is “going bankrupt if that is…”wrong decisions”.

Now that Haley's candidacy is almost symbolic, all the attention is turning to who will be Trump's vice presidential running mate, the one who will be named vice president if the tycoon wins the presidential election in November.