After the Voice Cinema Television and Resources for Charles Kardos

After the Voice: Cinema, Television, and Resources for Charles Kardos

The pandemic years represented quite the upheaval for The Voice Junior’s inaugural winner, Charles Kardos, who prioritized gaming projects even if he prefers music.

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“Winning a competition like La Voix Junior really validated the stage for me, that’s what I want to do in life,” said the man we’ll see in the movie Coeur de Slush, which opens in the summer poster will win.

“I really like to play, but what excites me the most is really the music,” said the man, who we’ve seen in a few commercials over the past few years. “Other big and small screen stuff that I can’t talk too much about right now should be announced shortly,” he added.

In the first few years after winning the popular television competition, the young man from Mirabel was not idle. While still in high school, he multiplied the shows, first recording and releasing on digital platforms “Si Tous Ensemble,” a song his coach Alex Nevsky gave him.

Besides a collaboration on the album Les Duos de Gen, the young musician has also collaborated with singer-songwriter Manuel Tadros for a possible album, but everything is on the brakes for now. “We shared songs, we improved them together, and I’d really like to be able to work with him again,” he said.

A more difficult post-secondary journey, but he remains himself

Although he got a place in his dream CEGEP, Charles’ post-secondary path was more difficult.

“I started playing jazz piano with Cégep Saint-Laurent, but I dropped everything to focus on myself,” he revealed. “Everything became too much for me, travel, classes, I had to focus on my mental health,” he added, adding that when he returns to school he will not be at CÉGEP but at the Music University.

By taking the time to refocus on himself, the artist now appears as non-binary, but refuses to define himself solely by that aspect of his personality. A clickbait blog post announcing his change of pronouns on Instagram as a message left him very frustrated.

“A friend sent me this and it really changed my day. It wasn’t that easy to take and it’s really not something I wanted to shout from the rooftops,” he said with a bit of emotion in his voice.

Despite all the twists and turns, he still holds on to his dream of making a living from his music and is looking to the future.

To be informed about Charles Kardos’ upcoming projects, visit his Facebook page.