After times of doubt questioning and depression a new album

After times of doubt, questioning and depression, a new album for Olivier Dion

Olivier Dion released albums in 2014 and 2019, but here it is with his new album: on the stringthat he shows his true face. The 31-year-old former academic has decided to take his destiny into his own hands.

After periods of doubt, questioning and depression, the 31-year-old author, composer and performer wondered if he wanted to continue in this profession. He was fed up with his very neat and formatted image.

“There was sort of a difference between how people saw me and how I felt. It stressed me out a lot, projecting an image that didn’t always belong to me. I wanted to show my true colors,” he said during an interview on Zoom.

After albums with Productions J and multinational Columbia, Olivier Dion decided to start his own business.

“I was very monitored and felt like I had no control over the direction of the project and the songs that were included. The projects didn’t always belong to me. There I can do what I want,” he said under the sun of the Dominican Republic, where he is hosting the third season of the show L’île de l’amour.

The author, composer and performer has built a small team. He states that this change is happening with his money and without subsidies. Most of the album Sur le fil was written in France, which prevented him from qualifying for the available grants in Quebec and Canada.

“It comes with some challenges and risks, it’s a lot of work, but most of all it’s enjoyable. I was ready to take that step,” he said.


Olivier Dion does not deny his first two works, but considers Sur le fil his first real album.

Absolutely. My goal behind making this album was a more sincere one. “This is the first time I’ve decided everything,” he dropped.

The Sherbrooke artist references this absolute quest for radio success that has been forced upon him in the past.

“I was told that some tracks were too dark and not happy enough. I’ve been told that post-pandemic people wanted to hear more positive, joyful, and sunny things. That’s not what I wanted to share,” he explained.

In Opus Sur le fil, Olivier Dion speaks at great length about his vulnerability, his insecurities, his questions and his fleeting happiness.

Ma Route, the first track on his new album, dictated its direction. He speaks of stopping and looking within so he can find his way back.

“The first songs I wrote amazed me. I managed to say something that was true and that I felt. I wondered if I would go in that direction, which isn’t always very fortunate. It scared me a little but felt good to share without censoring myself too much. That’s the kind of writing I wanted to take on,” he said.

True and accessible

When asked what he likes about his new work, Olivier Dion replies that he is a good listener and also thought-provoking.

“The goal isn’t to make people think big, but I think there’s something real and accessible about the issues raised. I like the vibe and I’m really proud of the musical continuity and what we find in the songs. That’s what I was looking for,” he said.

The author, composer and performer believes this work marks a new beginning.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the sadder, more melancholic songs. I’m slowly learning to like more rhythmic songs. Dames, the third single, is the last song I wrote for Sur le fil. It was a little surprise and I really enjoyed doing it. I could see myself going in that direction for the future,” he added.

Olivier Dion can’t wait to take his new songs on tour. What he might do in the fall or somewhere in 2024.

“I’ll think about the form when I come back from the Dominican Republic. “It would be a tour where I would have real stories to tell for the first time,” he said.