Afternoon 5 Myrta Merlino doesn39t give up on Ferragni and

Afternoon 5, Myrta Merlino doesn't give up on Ferragni and Fedez: "There's a storm…" The weather

After the back and forth, we'll talk about it again Chiara Ferragni and from Pandoro Gate on afternoon 5, the program moderated by Myrta Merlin on Canale 5. The news about the influencer's (alleged) flat rate will be announced during the broadcast Gucci fashion show, Friday January 12 in Milan, an event that Ferragni never gave up on. “Chiara Ferragni, regular on the Milan catwalks, would not have attended the Gucci fashion show that presented this afternoon the men's collections for next fall-winter. The influencer is at the center of the fraud investigation, which is aggravated by the compromised defense.” “In the Pandoro case, she was actually not seen crossing the celebrity entrance in Via Enrico Cosenz,” the Merlino agency reads live with one certain emphasis. “Maybe she went to the hairdresser…” jokes the commentator in the studio Anna Pettinelliwith Merlino responding: “Honestly, at the moment we don’t see much of her, either on social media or on social media. For days our correspondent has only met the dog under his and Fedez's house,” he says, in apparent reference to the recent back and forth with the rapper.

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Fedez In fact, he had published a social story that showed the reporters near his house: “Meanwhile, Paloma (Ferragnez's dog, editor's note) has become a star for me because Pomeriggio Cinque was in front of a journalist for several days “I hope I don't know what,” Fedez joked, promising a “message” about the quality of the dog poop. The anchor replied: “If you've been in the news your whole life and the mass media serves you when things are going well, you need to know that the mass media is there in good times and in bad times. And the fact that it’s your wife.” It is being investigated for serious fraud It’s news.”

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The latest advance comes in today's live broadcast as Merlino used the missed sighting of the influencer and businesswoman at the Gucci fashion show to reignite rumors about the couple: “Indeed.” Selvaggia Lucarelli Let it be known that there would be a little bit of that too Family sea after a series of controversies in which we, too, were involved, against our will …,” explains the presenter, before launching into a report on the “big picture” regarding the Ferragnez family dining room, that is, the lights and shadow of Business from influencers.