Afternoon Session turns 50 remember the most played films

Afternoon Session turns 50, remember the most played films

The TV Globo show “Sessão da Tarde” turns 50 this Monday the 4th. Remember the successful films

The Afternoon Session is shown daily on TV Globo and celebrates its 50th birthday this Monday the 4th. The Rio channel presented films that shaped different generations and became famous for immortalizing titles such as: “A Lagoa Azul”; “A Prince in New York” and “Ghost: From the Other Side of Life.”

Given its 50year history, many may be wondering which films the channel has shown most often on Brazilian afternoons. We have selected some of the featured films more than 15 times, as CNN Brasil reports. Remember!

1. The Blue Lagoon

Scene from the movie “The Blue Lagoon” Disclosure

Described as an “afternoon session classic” by netizens, the film tells the story of two children who end up on a deserted island in the Pacific after a shipwreck. After the death of the ship's cook, they have to cope in isolation from everything and anything.

2. Suddenly 30

Another film that has been shown more than 15 times is “De Repente 30”. In the film we follow the story of a teenager who sees how everything changes from day to night. If she wishes, she will turn 30 and have to face the challenges of adulthood.

3. The Auto da Compadecida

Scene from the film “O Auto da Compadecida” Disclosure

The second film will be released in Brazilian cinemas in 2024, but it is possible that TV Globo will show “O Auto da Compadecida” again in the afternoon session. In the scenes, the audience follows the saga of João Grilo and Chicó, two humble northeasterners who live in a small village of scammers.

4. Spirit: From the other side of life

Another classic from the Afternoon Session is “Ghost: On the Other Side of Life”. In the film we follow the story of the character Sam Wheat, who dies after a robbery. He falls in love with Molly, his girlfriend, and develops a kind of “ghost love”.

5. Crystal Moon

Promotional image for “Crystal Moon” disclosure

Among the Brazilian films shown more than 15 times, “Lua de Cristal” shows the story of Maria da Graça, who lives in the big city with her aunt and cousins. Exploited and tormented by her family, she meets Bob, who helps her realize her dream of taking singing lessons.