Agcom on the Sanremo case Suspected hidden advertising in Rai

Agcom on the “Sanremo case”: Suspected hidden advertising in Rai and the violated youth rules for Blanco, Fedez and Rosa Chemical

The “Sanremo case” comes before Agcom. The communications authority will discuss next Wednesday what happened during the 73rd edition of the event. On the table: the possibilities violations related to the hidden advertising of social profiles on Instagram, the “invisible” protagonist of all five episodes of the festival. From the operation with which the co-host Chiara Ferragni launched the personal account of Amadeus in the first episode, reaching 1.8 million followers in a few days, to the constant live broadcasts from the same host and the inevitable stories behind too the fifth. While this media “overflow” has, on the one hand, led to greater interaction with users, on the other hand, it has raised AGCOM’s doubts about a possible violation precisely related to the hidden advertising of social profiles on the meta-platform. «It was difficult to have Chiara Ferragni and not to talk about Instagram, there were some editorial ideas. Where there should be continuous collaboration – explained Gian Paolo Tagliavia, CEO of Rai Pubblicità, at the festival – there would also be an opening to commercial aspects, which this year have taken a back seat because there were editorial needs that were preserved “.

But that’s not all: the administrative authority will also assess possible violations of the legislation based on what we learn from Ansa Protection of minors. The cases involving Blanco and his appearance during the performance of L’isola delle Rose when he left set design due to “technical problems” would fall into this matter. This attitude also cost him an investigation by the Imperia public prosecutor’s office, which opened a file against the musician. In addition to “The Massacre of the Roses,” Agcom will also examine the (passionate) kiss between Rosa Chemical and Fedez on the Ariston stage last February 11, which is more debated than the end result of the evening. After filing the front-row rapper’s legs, mimicking a hug, and then taking him onto the stage, the Made in Italy writer actually kissed Fedez at the end of the performance, who had done it two nights earlier made a name for himself for showing the photo of Deputy Infrastructure Minister Galeazzo Bignami dressed as Hitler. All situations that could have violated the present rules for the authority – explains Ansa – in the Tusma (Consolidated Text of Audiovisual and Radio Media Services), in the Service Contract Rai and in the TV Self-Regulatory Code. “According to European information, the minor must be protected until 11 p.m. If he violates this, Rai risks a fine of up to 600,000 euros,” explains Massimiliano Capitanio, Agcom commissioner, in an interview with Striscia la Notia. As for the hidden advertising hypothesis, “we didn’t see superimposed writings, they weren’t communicated,” he concluded.

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