Aggressive teacher Mrs Chantal will escape justice

Aggressive teacher: “Mrs. Chantal” will escape justice

Almost a year after the shocking revelations of the radio station QUB about “Mme Chantal”, this teacher from Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac who would have given her primary school students a real nightmare, TVA Nouvelles learned from a reliable source that she will ultimately become the escape justice.

According to our information, representatives from the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) met with the parents last week to explain to them that there will be no charges against “Mrs Chantal”, who is under police investigation into allegations of assault and intimidation.

According to sources familiar with the case, two of the three complainants were received individually by the DPCP, who explained their refusal to press criminal charges.

The third complainant will be met shortly and is expected to receive the same conclusions as the other parents.

Since no criminal charges will be filed against “Mrs. Chantal,” the Mille-Žles School Service Center will conduct its internal investigation into the events of April 2023.

“Mme Chantal”, who we understand is on sick leave, made headlines last year after she obtained extremely compromising recordings from QUB Radio.

A parent was concerned about the horror stories his child told when he came home and decided to take matters into his own hands. He had recorded several days of classes using a device hidden in his backpack.

What he heard made his blood run cold. Several dozen times a day, the teacher could be heard shouting, screaming, threatening, intimidating, using inappropriate language, and even using verbal violence, all directed directly at the students, ages 6 and 7.

On at least two occasions, she appeared to directly mock a child while using a denigrating tone.

Recall that in May 2023, the Human and Youth Rights Commission opened an investigation against the Mille-ûles school service center, which should have reported to the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ) situations of verbal and physical abuse of students by a teacher.