Agree or disagree is no longer the question

Agree or disagree is no longer the question!

This slightly edited quote from the piece hamlet, by Shakespeare, expresses well whether or not we should agree to investing in the construction of a new roof on the Olympic Stadium… without necessarily endorsing the Quebec government's decision. Nobody likes the size of the investment, but should we accept the decision?

The destruction of the stadium would also bring with it the possibility of having to demolish adjacent facilities, namely the Montreal Biodôme, the Montreal Tower, the Esplanade, the Saputo Stadium and the sports center that allows top athletes to compete in the Olympic Games to train without forgetting the use of the swimming pools, the various training facilities open to the public and the 4,000 parking spaces available.

I can't imagine what would happen to the Viau and Pie-IX metro stations. And the cost of such a project, without knowing which was aimed at closing the huge gap in the former Olympic Park complex.

At the end of life

Studies show that the stadium roof has reached the end of its lifespan. Here are the solutions that emerged.

Firstly, if we decided to remove the roof, the work would not be completed for another two years. The next step would be to make winter arrangements.

Over the years, the stadium was demolished at a prorated cost of over $2 billion. Minister Caroline Proulx has worked effectively and responsibly for more than five years to find a way to restore the Olympic Stadium to its full functionality.

Dreams that could come true

Michel Labrecque, President and CEO of the Olympic Park, wanted to offer shows by artists known on the world stage or give our Quebec artists the opportunity to give shows to 30,000 or more people.

We will now be able to present major Montreal sporting events such as NFL games and even the Pro Bowl (which has become a flag football and skill game) and the Gray Cup in ideal conditions. It is also desirable that the Impact can welcome big stars for a game in front of 50,000 spectators. The various exhibition halls would be there.

Due to climate change, the NHL event could one day no longer be played on an outdoor rink but under one roof, including the Olympic Stadium, just like the famous four-nation world championship tournament in the NHL. The arrival of the new roof would allow Mr. Labrecque to make his dreams come true.

Agree or disagree is no longer a question. Minister Caroline Proulx estimated that the cost of demolishing the Olympic Stadium would be higher than the planned renovations. The stadium renovation will revitalize the economic situation in East Montreal and create jobs for more than 50 years. Acceptance of the decision is important because the Quebec government allows Montreal to regain its place on the world stage.