Air Canada Vacation canceled due to overbooked flight

Air Canada: Vacation canceled due to overbooked flight

A Terrebonne mother and her two sons missed their vacation to Cuba because the Air Canada flight they were supposed to take was overbooked.

Cindy Boulet told CTV News in an interview that she was scheduled to fly to Cuba on Tuesday with her sons, ages 5 and 8, on Air Canada.

However, the departure did not take place: “When we checked in, we received our tickets and I saw that my first two tickets did not have a seat number assigned,” she told CTV News.

An Air Canada agent then allegedly told Ms. Boulet that he would resolve the issue before boarding, but they were never allowed to board the plane.

“They were overbooked and decided to exclude the single mother and her two children,” the Terrebonne mother said, adding that no Air Canada employee tried to help her.

“They took one look at my youngest son because he was crying on the floor, but they didn't pay attention to me and didn't even try to offer me another flight.”

Air Canada ultimately reimbursed Ms. Boulet in the form of a voucher. The latter was therefore able to book a new flight. “I ended up paying about $1,400 more for this trip,” she said.

In the event of a cancellation or delay due to overbooking, passengers may receive compensation or proof of rejection so they can later get their money back.

In a message sent to CTV News, Air Canada said its team was reviewing the situation and would contact Ms. Boulet.